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Enhancing Indoor Air Quality For Commercial Businesses

Indoor Air Quality is something that has become increasingly important. This is especially true as you begin welcoming back everyone to your buildings including employees, customers, and tenants.

Achieving high-quality indoor air can give you many benefits:

  • It can help to restore the confidence of tenants, employees, and customers. They will know that they can return to the property confidently with cleaner air.
  • It can help to support you against future challenges by showcasing you have trusted solutions. This can improve the sustainability of your building.
  • While it might look simple, each building and/or property is very difficult and requires different things to achieve high-quality air.

Get more confident about the air in your building with cleaner and better quality air

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has negatively impacted us all. It’s altered our lives in ways no one could have imagined. Because of this, we fully recognize that it can change how you manage the environment within your own property/building. That makes it the perfect time to prepare for these changes before getting people back in it. After all, the quality of your indoor air is more important than it has ever been.

AirGanic is here and waiting to assist. We are ready to help you boost the confidence in your building’s air quality by providing you with real data that you can use to measure the quality of your air and help restore the confidence of everyone in it.

HVAC New Construction Seattle | Airganic

We can guide you throughout the assessment to:

  • Give everyone renewed confidence in the quality of your air. People are going to be looking at air quality more than ever before now that everyone recognizes the importance of it.
  • Help you create resistance and resilience against any of the future challenges your building is faced with by giving you effective solutions for tackling them as they come.
  • Enhance your building’s sustainability by delivering you investments that drive real results for your property.

A New and Fresh Take On The Quality Of Your Indoor Air From An Expert

The AirGanic Indoor Quality Assessment will help to give you details on how your system is performing. Through this assessment, you will be able to effectively identify the key areas that need to improve to ensure you adhere to the guidelines and that you can optimize the quality of your air. Whenever possible, we will go through your building remotely through your automation system. Any on-site assessment will be done adhering to the safety protocol. When done, you will have an account manager that will review all of the results obtained from the assessment with you.

A New and Fresh Take On The Quality Of Your Indoor Air From An Expert

This will give you the strategies you need to take action on to ensure you can improve the quality of your indoor air by:

  • Making changes to your control sequences and setting points to optimize overall ventilation throughout the building
  • Adding more sensors to your system to effectively measure humidity levels
  • Bringing air cleansing technology into your system including but not limited to MERV-13 filters
AirGanic Air Quality Sanitization Service

Using IAQ To Build Confidence
In Your Air Quality

It is very normal as a human to fear what we don’t know. After all, a lot of people don’t understand what management is doing to enhance air quality throughout their building. The best way to give them peace of mind is by ensuring that your HVAC system is up to snuff and performing optimally. That way, they have peace of mind knowing that they are getting cleaner and safer indoor air.

AirGanic is a company that you can count on for exactly that. Much like you, we have a passion for clean air. Our Certified Air Quality Testing is done to measure humidity, contaminants, allergens, and multiple testing points to gauge air quality.

Wherever possible, we will go through the assessment remotely through your building’s automation system. Any of the on-site analyses we do will be done to ensure that all of the safety guidelines are adhered to. Once complete, you will have a professional account manager that will go over the results of the assessment and share the report. This report will contain strategies and recommendations to ensure your system meets industry standards and requirements.
The United States Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization both published their recommendations for the air quality in workplaces. Along with this, two major trade association leaders including REHVA and ASHRAE both published official guidance for HVAC systems.

These recommendations were focused on several key areas:



Having optimal ventilation in your building will ensure that you have a constant stream of fresh outdoor air coming inside to dilute harmful contaminants.



Getting rid of harmful exhaust air is very important for kitchens and combustion systems.



Maintaining optimal levels of humidity is essential for comfort.



HVAC systems need to be able to get rid of harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses.

To learn more about your building’s air quality from a leading expert, call AirGanic today to schedule your Indoor Air Quality Assessment.

Our Reputation Matters to Us

AirGanic is a great company to work with. I had them install central air conditioning in my home in 2022 and service my existing furnace. They are honest and do a solid job, I would definitely recommend them.
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens
Eric Joseph Goodman (Yosef)
Eric Joseph Goodman (Yosef)
They did a great job. Ducts had not been cleaned for a long time. Came on time, finished in a reasonable time and cleaned up before they left. Dryer vent was hard to reach from outside so they moved the dryer and got it from the inside. That was really nice. Very professional people. Would use them again.
Coral V.
Coral V.
I've had the pleasure of working with Airganic and the owner Gal. They were professional and exceeded my expectations in many ways. They got our new furnace and AC system in a timely manner. They were on time for the installation, the installation team were meticulous and organized, the work has been done at the highest standards and we are very satisfied with our new system right before the hot waves season. I would highly recommend their services!
David Burger
David Burger
I hired them to service and clean my Air ducts, they were by far the best company I dealt with, the technicians that came to the house made sure to present themselves and walk us through the process. the invoice sent to us via email where we paid online and the owner made sure to contact us and ask how was the service, I couldn’t ask for more than this from a company, best of luck to you guys, well deserved!
Refael Ettedgui
Refael Ettedgui
I hired airganic to install a heat pump at my house, from scheduling to the work itself I must give them a 5 star rating, they made sure to keep me and my wife updated on the status of the work, followed up constantly and made sure our house stays clean as they got it. I will highly recommend them, it is very hard to find good vendors these days, very lucky that I found airganic.
Nicole Mastin
Nicole Mastin
We had James (and another gentleman) out for a whole house duct and furnace cleaning. This was the second time we've used your services and you have a great team! From the quoting to scheduling and the actual service part, everyone was friendly, helpful, and thorough. James told us what to expect each step of the way, which was helpful as it has been a couple of years since your last visit. Thank you and we wish you and your team continued success.
Jefferson Idarraga
Jefferson Idarraga
Spencer Steele
Spencer Steele
I am so glad that I made the choice to use AirGanic. They are simply the best in the business. They have saved me a lot of money and headaches. I would recommend them to anyone

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