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Edmonds Air Duct Cleaning

Edmonds Air Duct Cleaning

Trust AirGanic To Eliminate Dust, Allergens, and Pathogens Effectively and Organically!


If your answer to that question is ‘not sure’ and it has been too long since the last time you had your ducts cleaned, and you want to provide clean, healthy quality air in your home, you might want to consider scheduling a duct cleaning appointment with the best air duct cleaning service provider in Edmonds – AirGanic. AirGanic provides air duct cleaning services, which are necessary for homeowners who want nothing but quality air for their homes.

It was reported that an average American home collects nearly 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens in the air ducts every year. With this amount of pollutants that your air ducts could accumulate in a single year, having even more dirt and debris in your ductwork can negatively impact your home’s HVAC system.

Air Duct Cleaning Edmonds

Breathe Cleaner Air And Reduce Allergies

If the idea of expending more energy, hampering the overall life of your system, and increasing your monthly bills with the pounds of dust, dirt, and allergens blocked in your system was not enough, keep in mind that whenever you turn on your heat or cooling system, these allergens and pollutants circulate throughout your home, which can cause a plethora of health problems or respiratory disturbances and conditions, such as allergies or asthma.

Indoor pollution is already a growing concern. If you are mindful of the contaminants in the air you breathe and want the best indoor air quality, it’s a wise move to hire the best air duct cleaning company in Edmonds WA like AirGanic.

Prevent Strain On Your Furnace And AC & Save Money On Energy Bills

Without regular duct cleaning, the accumulated dust and debris can clog your HVAC system’s ductwork as well as the key components of your furnace like the evaporator coil and blower. The poor airflow of your HVAC system is already a sign that your home badly needs an air duct cleaning.

For systems that are maintaining their air pressure, dirt build-up can cause your HVAC system to work much harder than it has to. When your HVAC system strains itself, you are expending more energy, hampering the overall life of your system, and increasing your monthly utility bills.

To keep yourself from experiencing those, regularly cleaning your air ducts is the key! With regular air duct cleaning, you can increase the energy efficiency of your systems and keep yourself from paying high monthly electricity bills.

Call the best air duct cleaner in Edmonds – AirGanic!

Our Process

Air duct cleaning is not a simple task to do by yourself. Even if you are skillful, a simple DIY might not do the trick. Check out these important reasons to hire a professional air duct cleaning company in Edmonds like AirGanic today:

Residential air duct cleaning requires several steps and powerful professional cleaning equipment to complete the job efficiently and safely.

Our cleaning process always begins with a thorough inspection of your air ducts to determine the current state of your duct system and what needs to be cleaned.

Once everything is determined, we use the highly effective “negative pressure” technique, as well as a powerful whip brush to loosen the layers of dust that have built up in the vents over time. This brush releases all the dust and then gets vacuumed into our negative pressure machine.

This ensures thorough cleaning of each crevice and pathway in your home’s air duct system to pull dirt, dust, and allergens from the system without disturbing the air inside your home.

Edmonds Cleaning Air Duct

Eco-Friendly Sanitation

Our process doesn’t just end there. We understand that when any level of moisture is introduced to the accumulated dust and debris in your air ducts, a bacteria is created. This bacteria lay on your duct and eventually gets pushed into the rooms of your house. As you might guess, this bacteria can turn into mold. And since we get a lot of rain in our area, it’s a concern we deal with a lot.

You can depend on AirGanic because when we clean your air ducts, we do not just brush and vacuum all the dust. We provide a free eco-friendly antibacterial sanitation to all of your ducts to complete the cleaning process since the bacteria is impossible to clean with the vacuum and brushing alone.

We simply pour an organic sanitation liquid into the ducts with our specialty air compressor. This sanitation process eliminates all the bacteria and covers your duct to ensure that bacteria won’t be able to grow back up for up to four (4) years. This extra service is included in your quote, and is something most other duct cleaners charge extra for.

It Is Our Aim To Help You Prolong The Life Of Your HVAC System, Lower Your Electricity Bills And Keep Your Family Safe From Breathing In Allergens, Dust And Contaminants, Call AirGanic – Your Best Option For Air Duct Cleaning In Edmonds, WA.

As a family-owned company, we understand how important it is to you to ensure that your home is comfortable and gives the right environment for you and your guests, so we take the proper time and care to provide you with just what you need – a quality air duct cleaning service at a reasonable price.

To serve you better, we are in the areas of Seattle, Edmonds, and Tacoma, WA, and a 30-mile radius of each city. Our multiple locations allow us to serve a vibrant community of families and businesses in northwest Washington state.

We Provide The Type Of Residential Air Duct Cleaning Edmonds Residents Can Count On For Cleaner Air, And For Keeping Heating And Cooling Systems More Efficient.

We are more than just an air duct cleaning company. We treat our clients as part of our family and we always ensure to give you a superior quality service – homeowners like you choose us time and again for our reliable, professional service, and attention to detail. Our AirGanic technicians pride themselves on always delivering a job well done and leaving your space better than it was when you called us.

Sanitization and Disinfection Service AirGanic

Why We’re Organic

At AirGanic, we do not use paper at all. We only use eco-friendly products to be mindful of your family’s health as well as the environment. We strive to provide better air and keep it all organic – we are AirGanic!


Uses no paper in any way - our invoices and quotes are all digital


Provides free ecological sanitation to the air ducts to complete our cleaning process


Uses a UV air purification system to clean up germs and eliminate bacteria


Only uses non-toxic, EPA-approved products


Only sells electrostatic filters to avoid paper waste from regular paper filters

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