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Are you looking for an experienced and professional heat pump installation contractor within the Seattle area? If so, you can count on AirGanic.

Welcome to a new era of living where innovative technology meets environmental consciousness. At AirGanic, we take pride in introducing our groundbreaking heat pumps that redefine how you regulate the temperature of your home. Engineered with your comfort, savings, and the planet in mind, our range of heat pumps sets the standard for energy-efficient HVAC solutions.

  • Install Mitsubishi Diamond heating, cooling and ventilation systems and get up to $8,000 in rebates! (on eligible products; rebates can vary)
  • Official HVAC Contractor for City of Seattle
  • 500+ five-star reviews
  • Commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions
  • NADCA Certified (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)
  • Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors
  • Licensed for both residential and commercial jobs
  • Financing rates as low as 0% APR OAC

What is a heat pump?

Looking to explore the cutting edge technology that’s transforming home comfort and energy efficiency? Look no further than the environmentally friendly innovation known as a heat pump..

A heat pump is a device that serves as both a heater and a cooling device (like an air conditioner). Unlike HVAC systems that generate warmth or cool air, a heat pump efficiently transfers heat from one area to another making it an excellent solution for maintaining an indoor environment. Whether it’s winter or summer, a heat pump can extract warmth from the outdoors to keep you cozy during cooler months, while also reversing the process to expel heat during the Summer season.

Embrace the growing trend of living by installing a heat pump from AirGanic. Not only does it reduce energy consumption through its use of heat exchange principles, it also offers consistent comfort and operates silently. Discover the future of home climate control with a heat pump – your gateway to eco friendly living.

What’s the difference between Heat Pumps and Ductless mini splits?

Heat pumps and ductless mini splits are two closely related options for heating and cooling. While both use heat exchange to control temperatures, they have variations in their application and installation. Heat pumps encompass a broader category that includes both ducted and ductless systems. On the other hand, ductless mini splits specifically refer to heat pump systems that don’t need air distribution through ductwork. This makes them a great choice for homes without existing ducts or for those who want zone based climate control. Their individual air handlers allow for targeted temperature adjustments in different areas, offering flexibility and energy savings. In contrast, traditional heat pumps may require ductwork making them better suited for larger spaces.

Ultimately the decision between a heat pump and a ductless mini split depends on your needs, budget and the layout of your home. Contact AirGanic for a no-obligation consultation to learn more about which system works best for your living space or commercial building.

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  • Modern, energy-efficient approach
  • Temperature control over multiple zones
  • Maximum comfort
  • Money-saving and affordable
  • AirGanic is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor (highest level)
  • Up to $8000 in rebates available (on eligible products; rebates can vary)

American Standard

  • Complete Heat Pump installation
  • Save money with Energy-Efficient models
  • Top-rated brand with models built to last
  • Variety of different styles to choose from
  • Affordable and budget-friendly

Some Benefits Of New Heat Pumps

As mentioned, there are several benefits to investing in a new heat pump. This is especially true when paired with professional installation from the heat pump installation specialists at AirGanic.

Tacoma Air Conditioner Company | Airganic

Efficiency Unleashed

  • Unrivaled Energy Efficiency: Our heat pumps harness the power of nature to provide up to 50% more energy savings compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.
  • Smart Inverter Technology: Experience consistent temperatures without energy wastage. These heat pumps adapt their output based on your needs, reducing energy consumption and minimizing utility bills.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Say goodbye to noisy HVAC units. Heat pumps operate at near-silent levels, ensuring a serene and peaceful indoor environment.

Year-Round Comfort Precision

  • Dual Heating and Cooling: Embrace convenience with a single system that seamlessly transitions between heating and cooling modes, all with the touch of a button.
  • Customizable Zoning: Achieve personalized comfort in every room. Our heat pumps support zoned climate control, allowing you to set distinct temperatures for different areas of your home.
  • Precise Climate Control: Enjoy consistent temperatures throughout your living spaces, eliminating temperature fluctuations and ensuring your comfort, day and night.
Tacoma Air Conditioner Company | Airganic
Tacoma Air Conditioner Company | Airganic

Eco-Friendly Innovation

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint; AirGanic heat pumps contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by relying on energy sources thus positively impacting the environment.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: By relying on renewable energy sources, AirGanic heat pumps help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making a positive impact on the environment.
  • Eco-Conscious Refrigerants: Our heat pumps use eco-friendly refrigerants that are safe for the ozone layer, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.
  • Solar Compatibility: Take your green initiatives a step further by integrating our heat pumps with solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to heat and cool your home.

Performance Excellence in All Climates

  • Cold Weather Reliability: Heat pumps excel in colder climates, efficiently extracting heat from the air even when temperatures plummet, ensuring your comfort throughout winter.
  • Hot Weather Efficiency: No need to worry about sweltering summers. Our heat pumps offer exceptional cooling performance, maintaining your indoor oasis on scorching days.
Seattle Air Conditioner Installation: Eco-Friendly HVAC & AC Repair
Tacoma Air Conditioner Company | Airganic

Smart Control at Your Fingertips

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Seamlessly control your indoor climate from anywhere with our Wi-Fi-enabled heat pumps. Adjust settings, create schedules, and monitor energy usage from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Smart Thermostat Integration: Pair your heat pump with popular smart thermostat systems for ultimate convenience and energy optimization.
  • Adaptive Learning: Our heat pumps learn your preferences over time, adapting their operation to optimize comfort while maximizing energy savings.

Financial Savings and Value

  • Energy Bill Reduction: Embrace substantial savings on your energy bills as our heat pumps operate at peak efficiency, making your investment worthwhile.
  • Incentives and Rebates: Many regions offer incentives and rebates for energy-efficient upgrades. When you work with AirGanic, you might be eligible for up to $8,000 in rebates or incentives that make upgrading even more appealing.
Tacoma Air Conditioner Company | Airganic
Tacoma Air Conditioner Company | Airganic

Professional Expertise and Assurance

  • Certified Installation: Rest easy knowing your heat pump is installed by the certified professionals at AirGanic, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Plans: Keep your heat pump in top shape with our scheduled maintenance plans, preventing costly repairs and ensuring year-round comfort.

Reliability You Can Trust

  • Longevity: AirGanic heat pumps are built to last, providing reliable comfort for years to come, backed by our commitment to quality.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: We stand behind our products with extensive warranty coverage, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment.
Tacoma Air Conditioner Company | Airganic

Heat pumps are not just a home upgrade – they’re a commitment to a more comfortable, efficient, and sustainable way of living. With features that include exceptional energy efficiency, precise climate control, smart technology integration, and a dedication to environmental responsibility, our heat pumps are poised to transform your home into an oasis of comfort while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Join the movement towards a greener future – choose AirGanic for the ultimate in heating and cooling innovation. Contact us today to explore the perfect heat pump solution for your home. Your comfort and the planet will thank you.

An “AIRGANIC” Approach

At AirGanic, we only use eco-friendly products to be mindful of your family’s health as well as the environment. We strive to provide better air and keep it all organic – we are AirGanic!

In addition, here are a few ways we are an organic company:


No paper used in any way - invoices and quotes are all digital


Free ecological sanitation to the air ducts after the cleaning


UV air purification system that cleans up germs and eliminates bacteria


We use only non-toxic, EPA-approved products


We sell only electrostatic filters to avoid paper waste from regular paper filters

Want the ultimate healthy, clean quality indoor air for your office? Check out our “Breathe Easy” program here.

Call AirGanic today to schedule a quote and consultation for your new AC unit, air conditioning repair or service, HVAC system or any of our fine services.

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Anarosa Ruiz
Anarosa Ruiz
Thank you for an amazing job! Would recommend them, very quick and smooth process
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Andrea LaVare Malagon
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Erez Kikin-Gil
On time, effective, efficient, knowledgeable. Love their service!!!
Dan Vann
Dan Vann
AirGanic was a pleasure to work with. Scheduling was very easy and quick, and they were able to get me on their schedule sooner than anticipated. The technicians did a great job communicating with me about the work they were doing and being attentive to my belongings as they worked around the house. I also appreciated the level of detail and thoroughness of their final overview and explanation of all the work that was done. Will definitely use their services again in the future.
Metroliance Group
Metroliance Group
Great job, fabulous experience and ducts looked amazing! Will ask for the back afain!
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Jeff Westphal
Hands down a great experience. Job well done and very professional.
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Tino Salud
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Jamie Saltoon
Excellent and professional service- they responded to appointment times immediately- the two service men were helpful and thorough - a great find and will use them over and over
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Dennis Graves
Great job!

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