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Crawl Space Inspection

Nearly every crawlspace and attic needs to have some sort of onsite inspection. You can find outdoor air leaking into your crawl space that can be completely different temperatures than the temperatures in your home. This can cause your air conditioner or furnace to have to work much harder than they should. Not only is this wasted energy, but it’s going to cost you a lot. Here at AirGanic, we have professionals that can examine your crawl space to ensure that your air leaks are plugged up and not deflating your bank account.

Reason You Need A Crawl Space Inspection

You will find a crawl space underneath the majority of Pacific Northwest area properties. This is an unfurnished area that can be referred to as a “crawl space.” Your home should have proper insulation and air ducts underneath your living space. When you have damaged ducts in this area, you will find your home leaking air. This can cause the crawl space in your home to get the air that’s supposed to be reserved for your main home. This can increase the buildup of humidity and result in having unbalanced temps throughout your home because of it.

Here at AirGanic, we offer comprehensive air duct cleaning for your residential home. We offer everything from negative pressure and brushing for warm air vents and cold air return. Along with this, we also offer repair and sealing services for air ducts.

During the inspection, we look for either missing or loose insulation. These things could result in having unwanted cold air entering your home which can cause you to pay more in your home’s heating bills. It can also make the temps throughout your home very inconsistent. While in the summer, you’ll find that having leaks will result in more humidity leaking into your home. This can skyrocket your cooling bills as your AC will have to work harder. During rainy conditions, you’ll find moisture leaking into your home which can result in mold growth.

During the service, you will be provided with a comprehensive crawl space inspection. During this, we will look for ways to optimize airflow, reduce and eliminate mold buildup, and find out ways to improve your insulation.

Seattle Crawl Space Cleaning  |Airganic

Crawl Space cleaning

We fully advise that you work to keep your crawl space as clean as possible. Not only is it going to save you a lot of money, but it can save you from potential headaches. It can even improve your health over the long haul.

Our services include Full crawl space cleaning and maintenance. This includes removing old insulation, fixing insulation, and sanitizing the space.

We offer a 3-year warranty on all of our crawl space inspections. We also provide follow-up inspections at 1, 3, and 6 months after service completion.


We offer professional crawl space inspections that include 3 different phases. The first is the entry phase. The second is the superficial observation phase. The third is the detailed observations phase.

During the entry phase, we look at the entire crawlspace as a whole. We look and analyze the entryway to ensure that our technicians can fit inside. Once we are inside, we look for various things that could be rendering the space unusable. These things can include loose nails, broken electrical wires, or even standing water. All of the dangers located in the crawlspace will be identified and you will be provided with recommendations to fix them.

If everything is good to go, we will begin to look throughout the crawlspace for moisture buildup. Along with this, we will start looking for mold, foundation issues, wiring malfunctions, and even ventilation issues. In addition, we will look for the presence of various unhealthy materials. Within the crawl space, we will continue to look for signs that indicate a pest presence or any past water damage.

crawl Space Inspection Seattle  |Airganic

Reasons To Get a Crawl Space Inspection

Crawl Space Cleaning Seattle  |Airganic

If you are looking to get your home on the market and sold, you’ll find a lot of issues that will need to be fixed before listing it. After all, any prospective buyer is likely to have a professional inspector swing by. You want to ensure that your home passes the inspections with flying colors. Otherwise, you’re going to have to lower your asking price or pay for pricey repairs during a time in which you may be strapped for cash.

Along with this, you are likely going to want to get these services to give you and your family peace of mind. After all, there are a lot of preventable problems that can occur down there that can result in unsafe conditions. Having issues with your crawl space could end up costing you money in lost efficiency throughout the year.

If you haven’t had a crawl space inspection recently, you will want to consider one right away. You should have one at least every 3 years. That way, you can find the issues that exist within your crawl space and keep them from spiraling out of control.

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