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Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with Commercial Air Duct Cleaning from AirGanic

Let AirGanic provide cleaner indoor air by cleaning and sanitizing your vent and HVAC system. Reducing dust, mold, and viruses helps your occupants’ health and maximizes the energy-efficiency of your furnace, air conditioner, and duct system.

The quality of the air inside your building has a major impact on the health, productivity, and satisfaction of the occupants. With AirGanic’s commercial duct cleaning, you get an effective and affordable way of HVAC and Duct Cleaning to:


Remove dirt, dust, spores, mold, microbes, and other particulates that have built up over time in the air ducts and HVAC system.


Improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) so people indoors can feel better and work sharper.


Ensure the air ducts have been cleaned properly following the premier standard by certified AirGanic technicians.

  • Award-winning HVAC service since 2016
  • 500+ five-star reviews
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions
  • NADCA Certified (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)
  • Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors
  • Licensed for both residential and commercial jobs
  • Install Mitsubishi Diamond heating, cooling and ventilation systems and get up to $8,000 in rebates! (on eligible products; rebates can vary)
  • Financing rates as low as 0% APR

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The Best Option for your Commercial Duct Cleaning Needs

Whether you need Commercial air duct cleaning, Industrial air duct cleaning, or Office air duct cleaning in the Seattle-Tacoma, WA region, the air quality specialists at AirGanic will ensure that your building’s vents are cleaned in an effective and efficient manner that dramatically reduces contaminants and improves air quality.

AirGanic’s Commercial Duct Cleaning

Technicians from AirGanic have been certified, thoroughly trained, and background-checked to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.

We start with performing air quality tests before and after the process, and performing camera inspections before and after as well.

We then transfer the harmful air duct pollutants to a contained filtration system using our sweep compressor systems and our state-of-the-art HEPA vacuum system where they’re no longer a threat to your environment.

We’ll make sure your ductwork, cooling coils, plenum, and air handlers have been thoroughly cleaned.

You can be sure of getting superior results through our commercial duct cleaning techniques, and we back this with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is the industry’s strongest. 

AirGanic is a proven and reliable partner you can always count on because of the 15+ years of professional cleaning experience and the many satisfied clients across the Seattle-Tacoma region.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Seattle Washington


We minimize disruptions in your building because of our optional weekend and after-hours air duct cleaning

Keeping potentially harmful bacteria, allergens, fungi, spores, and microbes that can contaminate your HVAC air ducts and away from your environment.

Improving the quality of indoor air, which is going to improve the comfort, productivity, and satisfaction of the occupants.

The clear potential of your HVAC system to operate efficiently and effectively, which helps you see savings in energy and utility bills month after month.

You can relax knowing that technicians from AirGanic commercial duct cleaning services have been certified and trained to produce the best possible work to meet the highest industry standards.

You can take advantage of discounts and competitive pricing so you can get great results from our commercial duct cleaning services.

We’re Equipped To Handle Any Job – Large Or Small

We’ve worked with major organizations, from US Postal Service to Expedia corporate headquarters to School Districts – and we’re capable of helping your commercial facility, no matter the size.

Perfect for:
~ Factories
~ Hospitals & Medical Clinics
~ Schools
~ Apartments & Condos
~ Office buildings
~ Industrial
~ Government Buildings


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service Airganic


When you work with AirGanic, you have peace of mind because you are working with a professional and partner who will go the extra mile to ensure you get the results you want. If you don’t feel satisfied with the results from AirGanic commercial cleaning service, rest assured we are going to do everything in our power to fix it, with a 100% money-back guarantee:


What you paid for if we have re-cleaned and you are still not satisfied


Any items or areas until you are satisfied

Money Back 100% Guaranteed


Any damage as a result of our work, we are going to cover the expense


The problem if we cannot repair the damage caused. We will credit you with the cash value of the item so you can replace it



At AirGanic, we do not use paper at all, and use only eco-friendly products to be mindful of your family’s health as well as the environment. We strive to provide better air and keep it all organic – we are AirGanic!

Here are a few ways we are an organic company:

  1. No paper used in any way – invoices and quotes are all digital
  2. Free ecological sanitation to the air ducts after the cleaning
  3. UV air purification system that cleans up germs and eliminates bacteria
  4. We use only non-toxic, EPA-approved products

100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

We have full confidence in our commercial vent cleaning services, and that is why we provide a guarantee for our services. If you are not happy with our work, we will do everything to fix the problem, including refunding your money.


Our cleaning service techicians are punctual and professional. They are background-checked and highly trained to ensure you are getting great value at every point.

Great Competitive Value

The pricing of AirGanic services is competitive and we get great results. We use advanced custom commercial cleaning technology, methods, and solutions that your occupants are going to notice.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer after-hours and weekend commercial cleaning services to minimize disruption. Our team works fast and respects the work environment too.

Maintenance Program

After the Ducts and HVAC system is cleaned, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a maintenance plan in place. A customized AirGanic maintenance program is going to help in prolonging the working life of your floors, HVAC system, surfaces, draperies, etc.

Our Reputation Matters to Us

Anarosa Ruiz
Anarosa Ruiz
Thank you for an amazing job! Would recommend them, very quick and smooth process
Andrea LaVare Malagon
Andrea LaVare Malagon
Erez Kikin-Gil
Erez Kikin-Gil
On time, effective, efficient, knowledgeable. Love their service!!!
Dan Vann
Dan Vann
AirGanic was a pleasure to work with. Scheduling was very easy and quick, and they were able to get me on their schedule sooner than anticipated. The technicians did a great job communicating with me about the work they were doing and being attentive to my belongings as they worked around the house. I also appreciated the level of detail and thoroughness of their final overview and explanation of all the work that was done. Will definitely use their services again in the future.
Metroliance Group
Metroliance Group
Great job, fabulous experience and ducts looked amazing! Will ask for the back afain!
Jeff Westphal
Jeff Westphal
Hands down a great experience. Job well done and very professional.
Tino Salud
Tino Salud
Jamie Saltoon
Jamie Saltoon
Excellent and professional service- they responded to appointment times immediately- the two service men were helpful and thorough - a great find and will use them over and over
Dennis Graves
Dennis Graves
Great job!


AirGanic is licensed, bonded and insured.

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