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Professional Installations Of New A/C Systems Seatlle

Looking for a professional team to install a new air conditioner in the Seattle Metro? AirGanic is proud to employ certified air conditioning installers who meet the highest standards in our industry. Our goal is 100% satisfaction for our customers by installing your air conditioning system according to your schedule to do what is expected of us and more. If you’re in Seattle, need a new A/C unit installed, and want better service than the rest, then turn to AirGanic.

Professional Installations Of New A/C Systems

Any property can benefit from the investment of a new air conditioner, whether it’s residential or commercial. The installation of an AC unit results in better indoor air quality, lower electricity bill costs, and years worth of reliable performance. When it comes to air conditioning companies in Seattle, you should always place your faith in the best air conditioning company in Seattle – AirGanic. Everything will be done right the first time and you’ll be given top of the line equipment when you choose us. Based in the metro area of Seattle down to Tacoma, AirGanic has been going strong for many years, delivering comfort and better air to residents and commercial businesses alike.

Learn the benefits of replacing old AC units with new units: warranty, efficiency, and rebates. If you’re a homeowner or commercial business owner looking to replace your air conditioner unit due to older age and/or recent breakdown, please read on to see the range of superior services from AirGanic.


There are many benefits to be gained from a new air conditioner being professionally installed. The cooling efficiency in your home will be higher with modern AC technology, resulting in energy bills that are lower. Here are just a few reasons to show how great a new AC can be:

Air Conditioner Installation Seattle WA


Older AC units, even those with repairs and decent functionality, are nowhere near as energy efficient as new AC units. You’ll see savings on your utility bills each month, your house will be cooler, and your carbon footprint will be lowered. The initial cost of getting a new unit will easily be made up through the long-term savings you’ll receive.


If you currently have a noisy, old AC unit, a new system with a low noise output will be a great improvement. Our high quality units were created to have a long life, and we provide a performance guarantee for 2 years and a major parts guarantee for 1 year to make sure that it stays this way.

Seattle WA Air Conditioner Installation Service
Air Conditioner Installation Service Seattle WA


Not only will you have cool air with a new AC unit, you’ll also have clean air. Moisture and humidity levels can be reduced with new HVAC equipment, resulting in a reduction of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold, and mildew. The air in your home will also feel fresh because stale air will be filtered through the new unit.

Maintenance, Service, and Repair

All major HVAC brands can receive repair, service, and maintenance work from AirGanic, and we also provide installations for TRANE and Lennox products, as well as Ductless mini-splits and heat pumps, in addition to our furnaces. In order to provide you with excellent service by experts, our technicians are continually getting new training. The industry is ever-changing, and we keep up with technological advancements and industry standards to create a trust bond with our customers. We have extensive cooling and heating knowledge in these areas:


Duct Design

Elimination of Molds & Odor


Upgrading HVAC systems

The Best HVAC Service


Monitoring & home automation

Indoor air quality

Air Duct Cleaning

Sanitization / Decontamination



A new unit is a more cost-effective solution than an old unit that constantly fails and needs repairs.



You’ll have a home that is more environmentally friendly with a new system, and your energy bills will be lower as a result.



Homeowners can feel great knowing that there will be no hidden costs with a new unit.



Your home will have a better temperature consistency, there will be less humidity, and the air will be filtered better than before with a new system.

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